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Gifts of the Spirit

  The Broad Museum


Gifts of the Spirit with Ron Athey and Sean Griffin

Co-produced by The Broad Museum and VOLUME. Associate Producer, Madeline Falcone. (photos by Ben Gibbs)

Gifts of the Spirit: Prophecy, Automatism and Discernment is Ron Athey's vision for an "automatic writing machine" brought to life in collaboration with the composer Sean Griffin as a performance/installation made up of 16 writers, six typists, a hypnotist, vocalists, and musicians. In this work, the artist "completes" his memoir ("Gifts of the Spirit") together in ecstatic communion with his collaborators. This living machine makes a tightly choreographed and scored visual spectacle bringing together writing, reading and listening into a layered performative action resulting in a collectively authored text and sound score.  

The roster of performers and audience members who came to witness this piece could be drawn as a complex interpersonal map...If this world is a trial, Gifts of the Spirit suggests that the only way we’ll survive it is together.
— Andy Campbell for Artforum

Santa Paula Street Party Jam Session

Ojai Music Festival 


Santa Paula Street Party Jam Session

Produced by Madeline Falcone for the Ojai Music Festival with Peter Sellars. (photos by Claudia Boyd-Barrett)

As the grand finale of the 2016 Festival, the Ojai Music Festival and Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce presented a free street party featuring OMF artists and Los Angeles bands performing on two stages in downtown Santa Paula. Performers included Dina El Wedidi, ICE, Aruna Sairam, Davóne Tines, Youth Orchestra LA (YOLA), Los Jornaleros del Norte, and Cambalache.

The Latino band Los Jornaleros del Norte, YOLA, El Wedidi, Sairam and Tines took turns performing on two stages. By evening’s end the crowd thinned to a couple hundred festivalgoers and Santa Paula natives dancing to another Latino band, Cambalache, here two worlds meeting not in a refuge but on Main Street.
— Mark Swed, LA Times

CalArts Expo

California Institute of the Arts

CalArts Expo

Ajay Kapur, Director; Madeline Falcone, Producer, 2014–present. (photo by Rafael Hernandez)

The annual CalArts Expo reflects the latest practices in technologically sophisticated arts, involving viewers in interactive experiences, bringing artists’ perspectives to computer games, forecasting future directions of digital performance, animation, and projection mapping, and exploring the latest in software and hardware as a means of commenting on our increasingly connected world. 

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You can see how boundaries between artists and
engineers are breaking down—with students originating new approaches to human computer
interaction, wearable technology, augmented reality and virtual reality, robotics, gaming,
machine learning and more.
— Ajay Kapur, CalArts Expo Director

Other production credits (selections)

Charles Gaines: Manifestos 2 (photo by Justin Lowman for dayoutlast)
Partch: LSD/Dementia (photo by Luis Sinco for the Los Angeles Times)
Sila: The Breath of the World (photo from New Music USA)
Burat Wangi: CalArts Balinese Gamelan
Anne LeBaron Portrait Concerts (photo by Lawrence K. Ho for the Los Angeles Times)

Charles Gaines: Manifestos 2

REDCAT (producer)


Sila: The Breath of the World



Anne LeBaron Portrait Concerts

REDCAT (producer)


Partch: LSD/Dementia

REDCAT (producer)

gamelan+at+lacma 2.jpg

Burat Wangi: CalArts Balinese Gamelan

LACMA (contractor)